Comprehensive advice on needs and operational requirements.

Legal Advice on Customs Counsel.

Tariff Classification of all kinds of merchandise.

Customs Import and Export Destinations.

Proceedings before official bodies.

Calculation and payment of customs duties and services corresponding to each operation.

Operations in FTZs.

Representatives and correspondents nationwide.



Domestic ground transportation and distribution throughout the country.

International transport to and from Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia.

Consolidated Services.

Fleet owned trucks and agreements with cooperatives.

Semi-trailers, vans, refrigerated vans, cereal bulks, etc.

Air Freight

Contracts with major freight carriers.

Withdrawal of goods from the warehouse of the exporter and transfer to and from the airport.

Labeling of packages.

Deconsolidation and consolidation of general and hazardous cargo deliveries covering major destinations worldwide.

Issue of shipping documents.

Ocean Freight

Contracts with major freight shipping companies.

Less than Container Load (LCL) und Full Container Load (FCL) from and to major ports worldwide.

Transfer to container and general cargo port / reservoir.

Consolidation and deconsolidation in Warehouse.

Inspection Service for unloaded goods.

Payment in port terminals


In the event that you cannot send the cargo using liner services, we offer Chartering and Project Logistic identifying the specific requirements and reserving the appropriate space for each customer.

For complete equipments and / or spare parts which need to be sent urgently or require expedited processing air chartering is the best option. On the other hand, for special transports ocean chartering is the most flexible option. We charter complete merchandises and parts worldwide to meet the needs of our customers.

For customers in construction and industrial projects we offer the planning of this special shipment, assessing the best route available, conducting budgets and everything related to the operation.

For handling of cargos, which due to their nature require considerations and suitable equipment for the transport, Breinkemin SRL has a department specialized in handling oversized and extra heavy loads, in addition to optimal business relationships (strategic alliances) with the largest service providers in the area.


We give you the opportunity to become your Logistic Department eliminating fixed costs and optimizing variable costs - centralizing service and information in one source.

Placing and tracking orders abroad.

Recruitment of international transport, insurance and other benefits at all stages of the operation.

Cancellation of expenses and payment of suppliers.

Cargo deconsolidation, warehousing and repackaging.

Release of goods and delivery to final destination.

National Transport merchandise.


We are specialist for all kind of refrigeration, both maritime and terrestrial. From and to anywhere in the world.

We have warehouses specializing in reefer cargo, which allows us to give our customers the coverage and support they need.


Receipt and storage of raw materials and / or finished products

Control and management of stock, stamping and labeling

Fixed or variable monthly positions


Storage (drums, containers, kegs, cans, bags, pallets).

Loading and unloading.

Preparation of orders.

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